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Ada Merrit K-8 Center


Ada Merritt K-8 CenterA place where children always come first, where high expectations and standards are the norm. A place where all staff members know we are here to serve children and serve each other. A place where parents and other support systems are valued as we know we cannot do it all alone. A place where the study of languages and international perspectives are embraced and promoted. A place where our mission is to create a vibrant learning community where the minds and hearts of all who enter are nurtured, developed, and respected.

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Fiesta de la Hispanidad – Parade

Hispanic Heritage Month – Readings in class 2016

Hispanic Heritage Month – Theater Plays 2016

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Books Donations

During coral way books donation 20162015 – 2016 school year, SIPA donated $4,632.80 in books for the Elementary grades in Ada Merritt K-8.