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We are donating $13,010.92 in books for Elementary and Middle grades at Coral Way K-8.
This is a huge milestone for SIPA: updating the Educational material that students use every day at schools. Last year we changed books at Ada Merritt K-8, during this 2016-2017 we are trying every school supported by SIPA

Program Advisory

The SIPA Board participates in meetings with MDCPS Officials and the Ministry of Education of Spain. This ongoing process is necessary to assure the smooth continuation of the Program from First through Twelfth Grades.

Educational Material

Providcoral way books donation 2016ed classroom material to all schools, such as maps, dictionaries, Spanish National Geographic, “Scholastic News” in Spanish, novels, didactic workbooks and handwriting practice notebooks. These materials are funded from our fundraising efforts for academic enhancement.

Just starting school year 2016-2017, we are donating $13,010.92 in books for 2nd, 4th, 5th and 8th grades to IS programs in Coral Way K-8.

In 2015-2016 school year, we donated $4,632.80 in books for Elementary grades in Ada Merritt K-8.

coral-way-books-2nd-donation-2016 ada-merritt-books-donation-2015





Teacher Support

Provided discretionary funds to each Spanish IS teacher for expenses to enrich their teaching environment. Sponsored annual meetings for all the IS Program teachers.

Cultural Events

Provided funds for Hispanic Heritage events at the participating schools such as: “Don Quijote” plays, flamenco shows, parades, International Food and Culinary Festivals to taste and enjoy different flavors from all hispanic countries, etc

Social Events

Organized different events to enrich the Spanish cultural education:

  • Paella Night“, a festive dinner and silent auction, which is our annual fundraiser.
  • Dia de la Hispanidad“, a cocktail at Centro Cultural Español to meet and greet the educational teams and parents.
  • Family Day“, a picnic with sports tournaments to welcome the parents and students

Students from ISCHS and ISPA helped to host guests at these events.

Contests & Awards

Underwrote prizes for the Soccer Tournament celebrated during the “Family Day” picnic event.

Organized contests such as:

  • T-shirt design for all of the students
  • Flashmob Contest for students from 6th to 12th grades
  • Drama Contest for students from Kindergarden to 5th grades

Trip to Spain

Organized our yearly trip to Spain for 5th grade students and visited a spanish school besides monuments and other cultural activities.

Training Workshops

Set-up sessions with guest speakers and well-known companies to inform parents and students on issues relating to the program. Provided a forum for questions and answers with Lead Teachers, parents and School Board Administrators.